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Jun 01, 2020

14 Days Learning to Surfing in El Salvador

Sorelle Amore is a well-known photographer, filmmaker, influencer, and savvy businesswoman“ who’s work I initially came across on YouTube. Her “live a life of wonder” personality, her energy and message in all her videos is so contagious that you can’t help feel captivated with her story and then go off and work on yours!

She recently traveled to a country that’s often referred to as one of the best hidden gems for surfing in Central America and which I’ve often referred to as my second home after having lived there for 5 years during my teens: El Salvador!

Sorelle says: ”without any prior experience in surfing, but holding onto this dream for more than half my life, I decided I already gave enough excuses, so...I learned to surf in 14 day in El Salvador.”

Seeing her 15-minute vlog brought so many beautiful memories of my experience at Puro Surf which is located in the quaint town of El Zonte where I stayed earlier in the year pre-pandemic.

What I equally love about Sorelle’s video in which she documents her experience is it’s creative direction. Aesthetically it’s beautiful from start to finished in comparison to most vlogs where the only cinematic feel of the video are drone shots and that’s it.