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May 26, 2020

A Beautiful Anarchy Podcast

Self-education and inspiration nowadays comes in so many forms that you’re likely to become too overwhelmed with deciding where to direct your attention to get it. If I’m not consumed in a physical book, I’m digesting one via Audible, catching a talk on YouTube or reading articles on Medium and on top of all that I’m also an avid podcast listener.

Sometimes I’ve gone a little too crazy subscribing to too many podcast that it’s felt more like a badge of honor to say I’m subscribed to this and that but I’ve failed to fully commit to listening to every single episode. Luckily now I’ve kept my podcast subscription to a minimum in view that the majority of them are typically lengthy but one that’s short but packed with so much goodness that I truly enjoy has been one called A Beautiful Anarchy hosted by photographer and author David duChemin. I owned 3 of his books (Within the Frame, VisonMongers and How to Feed a Starving Artist) and I’ve been a long time fan of his conversational writing style as well as his travel and portrait photography work.

In his own words regarding his podcast:

A Beautiful Anarchy is a heart-felt kick-in-the-pants podcast for everyday creators and anyone who's ever mud-wrestled with their muse.

Subscribe! I highly recommend!