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May 08, 2019
Keynote Speaker Nick Pags

Back in April at had the pleasure of being of the photographers at an event entitled The Mind Body Tribe Experience put together by Jess Glazer, a Manhattan based personal trainer. MBT Experience is "a day dedicated to women, for women, by women, to make a massive impact and for women to be able to step out of their comfort zone while tapping into their highest self through mindset, fitness, and connection."

The Keynote Speaker to the event was Nick Pags who I had briefly met at a Theragun Training Seminar earlier in the year. At the time I wasn't aware Nick was also an inspirational speaker or at least that it was a passion of his outside of being a personal trainer. Right after he stepped down from his speaking engagement, I walked over and all I could say at the moment was, "I didn't know who you were before but I sure as heck won't forget anymore." His talk was absolutely which I highly encourage you to take the time to watch. It was during this moment after that I had the opportunity to take a few portraits.