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Nov 01, 2019

Kids On Making Your Dreams Better

When you become a parent, juggling your career and your responsibilities at home can become difficult but I also believe that finding the balance between both is a matter of perspective.

I’ll include myself in the list of parents who feel their kids has allowed them to become more productive at work because you become incentivized to get more done so that you can head home to attend to your personal life.

On top of that, if you have a passion or dream for something outside of your day job the way photography has been for me then having kids will quickly set your straight the way Michael Thompson describes in how we need to stop thinking having kids will kill your dreams.

He says -

"my kids forced me to ask myself what I really wanted. They helped me to buckle down on my dreams, and slowly, day after day, I started to chip away at them. The compounding affect of doing something daily, if even for a short amount of time, has single-handedly put me in a position where every day I get to do what I want, where I want, with the people I want."

I don't think you have to have kids to reconfigure elements of our life into perspective but the fact that I don't recall much of what I did with my time prior to them says a lot to how my priorities weren't always straight to begin with.