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Apr 24, 2020
Lack of Control is Not Lack of Influence

We can’t all be nurses, doctors, and key agents on the frontlines of this battle, but we still have a role to play. We should not be ashamed to deploy whatever skills we have in the service of making ourselves and those around us feel better in difficult times.

It's too easy during these times to feel that if what you do for a living doesn't directly involve saving people's lives then suddenly our independent creative profession seems less important. Who's gonna care? Will people pay attention? I know I thought all this for a moment considering we still have to respect social distancing norms. At the moment one could actually do 2 things: Do nothing and mourn for how things use to be or adjust to discover creative ways in which we can continue to service people in ways we've never considered before. 

I'll admit I initially scoffed at the concept of people pulling off FaceTime Portraits in lieu that it sounded gimmicky but after some consideration I realize that while it my not necessarily bring in the monetary compensation that one would from a conventional shoot, I've been blown away how pleased, excited and embracing my subjects have been to appreciate us creative working with what we have considering our circumstances. Making people feel good while doing our work is good enough reason to continue regardless if we're not a doctor, nurse, etc. Embrace what you bring to the table, don't be ashamed and be confident that there's value in what you do!