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Mar 17, 2020


Utilize this time to create yourself. A new version of yourself. Creating yourself and your own mindset is the first key. Then you can create art, business, impact, etc. You can use this time to create new business ideas, business pivots, books, content, etc.

I agree there's a lot of uncertainly going at the moment because it does seem like we're living day by day as more new information regarding the Coronavirus is developing but aside from taking the necessary precautions, I'm confident we will look back at all this a year from now and reflect on everything we went not just as a individuals but as humanity.

Both my wife and I are fortunate to work with a company that is fully compensating us for the time we'll be off from work for the next 2wks so that's a plus. As for people who are freaking out about not knowing what to do with their "time off" that's one area I'm not concerned about because I have a stockpile of books I'm looking forward to reading, writing I've been putting off, marketing material I've been wanting to develop, etc. For us creatives, we'll always have an urge to stay busy and perhaps these times are a reminder for us to always keep a list of activities or task we're hoping to accomplish so that we can tackle them during idle times like these. Thank you Nick Onken for remind us of this!