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Mar 24, 2020
Personal Training in the State of Coronavirus

One of the conversations currently taking place on Instagram has revolved around the generosity of many personal trainers taking it to IG Live and sharing workouts that people can implement from the comfort of their home. The workouts vary. Some cater to those who own basic gym equipment while other workouts challenge you to utilize your own body weight all with the intention to get you to move during these times where the proclivity may be to binge on everything but movement.

Yoga Teacher, Athlete & Nutritionist Johanna Sambucini

Needless to say there’s no shortage of routines anyone can willingly adopt to their own time and needs but the discussion comes down to whether the workouts should just be given out or sold. A personal trainer’s expertise and time is their livelihood and that’s a reality that everyone needs to understand.

Their career has equally been jolted and when all they can do is rely on training their existing clients virtually, it should be understood and accepted that they still retain the rights to monetize from their expertise either by charging for daily workout classes or taking on more clients who are wiling to invest in a virtual trainer for the time being. Personal trainers much like a photographer or any other creative should not be shy about charging what they’re worth especially in these times.

Instagram has been saturated with workout routines at this moment and while it’s great for us that’s not always necessarily the lens from which personal trainers see it because they still need to make a living. If there’s anything these Coronavirus times have taught the fitness industry is that much like any other creative we have to continue evolving and diversifying our business to the point where regardless of what gets disrupted there’s still the opportunity to retain, develop and provide the same value clients have come to accept from us.

I've always depended on my curiosity to be the guide as to where I point my camera and by virtue of that I've had the opportunity to meet and photograph so many amazing trainers based here in New York. They've all been unique as far as their expertise but the one underly theme has always been their insane hustle to do what they gotta do to obtain results and these moments are no different.