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Dec 13, 2018

Use Lightroom Presets to Color Grade Videos in Premiere

One of the aspects of working with video which I use to find very intimidating was figuring out a way to retain and apply that same aesthetics I've used on my photos and implement them on to any video I might of shot. I struggled to find a straight-forward process until I came across this video by Elenor which answered the same question I've been having ever since I began using Adobe Premiere as my main video editor: how can I use one of my Lightroom presets to color grade videos without going crazy scouring the web for one that closely resembles my aesthetic?

Elenor does a great job walking you through the process of achieving this by using a pay-what-you-want software called IWLTBAP LUT Generator which is the key element in generating a .CUBE format file which you import into Premiere and contains all the color grading from one of your Lightroom presets.