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Dec 25, 2018

Katie Davis x Beach Workout

During the time when I was planning out the logistics for a 4-day trip to Tulum, Mexico with my wife for her birthday, I came across this absolutely stunning gym located in the heart of the city. "Tulum Jungle Gym is a real life Fred Flintsone gym. Nearly all the equipment is made of wood or stone." Prior to flying out, I reached to Katie Davis, trainer and co-owner of the gym with hopes of possibly securing the opportunity to shoot with her at the gym despite the limited days that I would be spending in Tulum. Luckily we were able to work it out. I ended up taking a taxis to the gym at 6a.m which was 20min away from our hotel.

We shot a total of 3 looks one of which I'm glad to finally share along a short video showcasing the experience