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Mar 09, 2020

101 Things You Need to Know Before Going Freelance

I still get that face of amazement when I divulge to client's I've worked with the fact that I still have a day job. Ultimately I'm working towards having photography become my full-time profession but until then I continue to treat it as such. When I'm not shooting, it's all about self-education and I recently came across 101 nuggets of valuable insight by Iain Broome on what to expect leading up to the point of going freelance.

Number #13 resonated with me the most: "You are worth more than you think you are. Be brave and charge accordingly." 

There's always excitement anytime you're behind the camera but ultimately to get to that point where you're translating your vision through the viewfinder there's the entire topic of having the confidence to charge what you're worth assuming the skill is already there. It's something I battle with on every new gig because not every shoot is the same therefore there's a lot of reevaluation involved with every new opportunity. You have to do your research and take in to account many variables based on the client's need and quite frankly be confident because it's that confidence that will drive your work and your business.