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May 18, 2020
What's Worth Leaving Behind

I hope that rather than panic and try to rush back to normalcy, people will reflect on what it is we should leave behind, rather than resume.

As the Coronavirus continues to escalate in the US, there's been a lot of uncertainty with practically everything we've ever actively engaged in. It sucks but it's also given me the breathing room to reconsider routines I would have never have considered giving up because its enriched me both physically and mentally. I love working out. It's ingrained in me already. I've always been an active person. Society has already dictated that if you attend a gym on a regular basis, it's because you're focused on your health, disciplined with your body and are likely to stay committed to other aspects of your life that others wouldn't think twice in quitting the moment it becomes a grind. 

But once things get back to "normal", what will attending a gym look like? Who knows and I don't think I want to be around to figure it out which is why I made the conscious decision to cancel my L.A Fitness membership. Within the past 2 weeks I began the process of converting my home office into a mini home gym. Will I have less equipment at my disposal? I sure will be if there's anything I've learned from self-educating and gleaning advise from personal trainers whom I've become acquaintances with during shoots here in New York is that you don't need much to continue mastering the fundamentals. Your “gym” isn’t the reason for your progress. YOU ARE!

Yes I am going to miss the "me time" I had as I commuted to the gym to practically be alone but I'm no longer dwelling on how things "use to be" because that ship as sailed and rather than attempt to find ways to board it once again, I've become content with exploring alternatives and boarding a new ship that will allow me to dedicate time to staying committed and healthy which is ultimately the end goal.